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On time percentage

If Daisy was a commercial airline, she’d happily report a 100% on time percentage for flight arrivals and departures.  But Daisy isn’t an airline, she’s my adored dog who doesn’t understand public holidays.

Today is Waitangi Day in New Zealand and many people would have taken the opportunity to sleep in for a while.  Not me.

Daisy arrived at my bedside at 6:30 am to remind me that it was time for breakfast.  I fed her and then tried to go back to sleep.  At 7:00 am she was back – what are you doing in bed?!  It’s time for walkkies!

Daisy reminds me that is is 7:00 am and time for walkkies

Daisy reminds me that it is 7:00 am and time for walkkies

Dogs have a remarkable grasp of time and routine.  I think it is essential for dog owners to establish a good routine for their dog, because it gives the dog security and a sense of well-being – they know their needs will be taken care of.

I just wish we could establish a Plan B routine – for public holidays….