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Dogs on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Along a stretch of about 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California is the Hollywood Walk of Fame.   Stars are embedded in the pavement to honor achievements in the entertainment industry and are a major tourist attraction for anyone visiting Hollywood.

Three members of the Walk of Fame are canines:  Rin Tin Tin, Lassie and Strongheart (a canine star of silent films).

Strongheart was a German Shepherd that was born in 1917 and lived until 1929.  He starred in a number of films including White Fang and was sadly injured on a movie set when he was burned by a studio light.  The burn became tumorous and was responsible for his death.

Strongheart, an early canine star in Hollywood

Rin Tin Tin, another German Shepherd, is probably more well known.  The first Rin Tin Tin was born in 1918 and featured in 26 films for Warner Brothers studios.  There have been many successors to the first Rin Tin Tin and the dog has featured in comic books and other memorabilia.  You can learn lots more by visiting his official web site.

Most dog lovers will know about Lassie, a Collie dog who starred in Lassie Come Home in 1943.  The film was based on a novel that was published several years earlier.    Lassie was played by a dog named Pal.  Lassie went on to feature in a television programme, comic books, animated films, radio and other children’s books.  Like Rin Tin Tin, there have been a number of Lassies over the years.  Lassie also has an official web site.

Lassie on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

If you are visiting California, why not honour the dog stars of Hollywood by visiting them on the Walk of Fame?