Pet friendly holiday homes in New Zealand

Keeping with the theme of dog-friendly accommodation…  If you are in New Zealand then you should check out the  Pets Can Come Too website.

This website lists holiday homes where pets are allowed.  The search function on the site is easy to use.  You will need to read the fine print, however.  For example, some properties only accept cats and others may require that your dog is crated when indoors.

If you own a holiday home and accept pets, then please do your part to grow this community-of-interest in New Zealand by registering your property.  Heather at Pets Can Come Too says:

We offer all new advertisers six months free advertising after which it costs $95.00 p.a. however there is no obligation to continue advertising with us if you do not wish to do so.
Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand

3 responses to “Pet friendly holiday homes in New Zealand

  1. The New Zealand Pet Guide has a Pet Friendly Accommodation area, too, which has been going for many years and is very comprehensive.

  2. The accommodation problem crops up again and again for NZ dog owners. The US is just light years ahead of us when it comes to this. I look with envy at hotel chains like Kimpton where they not only allow pets, but actually welcome them. Here finding good quality accommodation that allows pets is practically impossible. It’s a real shame for dog owners.

    • Yes. I totally agree. A recent cover story in The Listener quoted an overseas expert who indicated that NZ lacks a strong dog lobby. Through this blog, my other activities at Canine Catering ( and my column with NZ Dog World, I hope that I play a part in changing the attitude towards dog-friendly establishments here. A wider range of options would be great. Best wishes, Kathleen

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