Paw Justice

For those of you in New Zealand, Paw Justice is an animal welfare organisation fighting for the rights of our pets.  Their mission statement is:

“Listening and talking to pet owners about their problems and their pet’s concerns

And, until this day comes, Paw Justice will be seeking justice against those who hurt our animals.”

Paw Justice was successful in its attempt to gain signatures from around the country supporting tougher sentencing for offenders who abuse animals.  They are now fundraising to continue the pressure on our society to treat animals properly.  They operate a Facebook page and sell Paw Justice products on their website.  You can also make a donation on their website.

Best of all, the folk at Paw Justice now have the Patch Up Your Pet campaign.  For $10, you buy a Paw Justice tag for your pet.  This has a unique identification code and you register your contact details against this number.  If your pet is found with their Paw Justice tag, people can log onto the website to get your contact details and return your pet to you.  When you register your pet against the number, you can also upload their photo to the Paw Justice website.

The idea is to grow the number of people supporting the movement and to keep pressure on to ensure animal abuse is stopped.

Daisy is now patched!

Show your support for Paw Justice by following this link:

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand

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