Things I must remember as a dog

  • When in the car, I will not insist on having the window rolled down when it’s raining.
  • We do not have a doorbell.  I will not bark each time I hear one on the television.
  • The sofa is not a face towel.  Neither are mum’s and dad’s laps.
  • My head does not belong in the refrigerator.
  • I will not bite the officer’s hand when he reaches in for dad’s drivers license.
  • I will not use ‘roll around in the dirt’ as an option after just getting a bath.
  • The cat is not a squeaky toy so when I play with him and he makes that noise, it’s usually not a good thing.

One response to “Things I must remember as a dog

  1. Hahahaha, so funny!! I would add ‘when I’m going to vomit, I will not run from the tiles onto the carpet’…

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