Caring for Nunavik’s sled dogs

Andréanne Cléroux, a veterinary student at the University of Montreal International Veterinary Group, is conducting a project to design and deliver a first aid guide for dogs in northern Quebec.

A family with their dog in Nunavik. (Credit: Sylvie Ricard)

“The problem relates mainly to animal health care, immunization, and dog population control,” Cléroux explains. “We wanted to create a guide that would provide basic tools for pet owners so they can provide care to their animal while waiting to contact the remote veterinary consultation service to get advice from a veterinarian at the CHUV (University of Montreal Veterinary Hospital).” 

Cléroux spent time developing the guide before travelling to northern Quebec to work on the draft with residents.  One of the challenges has been to develop a product that was good for those unfamiliar with dog care and still make it useful to mushers, who tend to know more about their dogs.

Cléroux has also created a first aid kit that includes all the necessary material to provide the care described in the manual and delivered it to several villages, with a goal to make it more widely available to all 14 communities in Nunavik.

Source:  University of Montreal press release


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