The driving dogs of New Zealand

I’m so proud of the SPCA Auckland  (where I used to volunteer, when I lived up that way) for its imaginative holiday promotion for rescue dogs.

The SPCA teamed up with expert dog trainers to train three SPCA rescue dogs to drive a car – a Mini to be exact.

Driving Dog

Monty, Porter and Ginny went through extensive training before being put behind the wheel of the Mini.  Last night, on national television, Monty drove himself around a go-cart track.  Porter took on the dubious task of having the reporter accompany him on his drive – and I think he suffered the nerves for it because he took a turn rather widely.

This video covers the dog’s training and moment of glory:

Monty, Porter and Ginny prove that rescue dogs are intelligent and trainable.  If considering adopting a dog this Christmas, make sure you visit your local SPCA and rescue organisations.

You can read more about New Zealand’s driving dogs at (which brings you to their Facebook page).

Driving Dogs 2

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