Protecting the paws of the canine cop

Police dogs in Berlin, Germany have been outfitted with neoprene boots that stop broken glass and other objects from injuring a dog when it is working.

The tailor-made shoes cost €80 (roughly NZ$120).

Police dog in boots

When the shoes were trialled, the police found that there was a reduction in the number of injuries at high-risk events (which include such things as football games and public riots).

police dog wearing shoes

The idea of dogs wearing protective footwear isn’t new.

The City of Duesseldorf outfitted its police dogs in 2008.


The Times


One response to “Protecting the paws of the canine cop

  1. Dog boots are actually a pretty great thing for all kinds of reasons. I used to live in DC and would see a girl walking her Maltese, who was wearing boots, every morning. At first I laughed (the little dog did look silly) but then I realized she was keeping his feet dry from the snow, as well as keeping them clean!

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