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Paddy, a World War I hero

The Wellington Infantry Battalion sailed off to war in October 2014 with their mascot, Paddy, on board.

There was an order prohibiting pets but it was successfully argued that Paddy, an Irish Terrier, was a pre-war official mascot and therefore should be allowed to travel with the regiment.  Paddy belonged to Sergeant-Major Beaumont Woodhead, a professional soldier who was Company Sergeant Major of ‘A’ Company.

Photo courtesy of  National Army Museum

Photo courtesy of National Army Museum

Paddy served on the battlefields of Egypt, Gallipoli, France, Belgium and Germany, eventually being promoted to the rank of Scout Sergeant- Major.

Paddy's name plate reading 'Paddy 7th Regiment Wanganui' is on display at the National Army Museum

Paddy’s name plate reading ‘Paddy 7th Regiment Wanganui’ is on display at the National Army Museum in Waiouru, New Zealand

Source:  National Army Museum

Protecting the paws of the canine cop

Police dogs in Berlin, Germany have been outfitted with neoprene boots that stop broken glass and other objects from injuring a dog when it is working.

The tailor-made shoes cost €80 (roughly NZ$120).

Police dog in boots

When the shoes were trialled, the police found that there was a reduction in the number of injuries at high-risk events (which include such things as football games and public riots).

police dog wearing shoes

The idea of dogs wearing protective footwear isn’t new.

The City of Duesseldorf outfitted its police dogs in 2008.


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