Sleeping with Timothy

Firstly, I’d like to say that this will not be an x-rated post!

Timothy is my Sleepover Dog tonight from the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  Timothy was abandoned at the sanctuary, left to fend on his own on the property until someone found him.  This is a risky strategy because the area is home to mountain lions, rattlesnakes and other deadly creatures.

Timothy face shot

Because of the nature of his surrender, there are no records on why he was abandoned.  He’s a young boy of just over a year and he’s very sociable.

You may notice in these photos that Timothy is wearing a green collar.  Green collars signify dogs that can be handled by adults and children who visit the sanctuary.

Peeing Timothy

Timothy enjoyed riding in the car on the way home tonight.  He also let me know that he prefers to sleep on the bed, not the blanket that accompanied him in his overnight pack.

Timothy in car

Sleeping Timothy

I particularly find Timothy’s underbite appealing and so far, the only negative behaviours he’s shown is a liking for digging in the rubbish (a common characteristic of many dogs, which is very manageable) and a dislike for two people wearing large cowboy hats.

Sitting Timothy with overbiteTimothy with overbite

I’ll be submitting a full assessment form when I return Timothy to his kennel in the morning.

Timothy is a very trainable dog (he already knows sit) and would make someone a lovely pet.

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