The adventurous life of a Cape Cod dog (book review)

Cape Cod dogSubtitled “A Curious Canine’s Exploration of the Cape’s Natural History”, this little book is a winner!

Shelby is the resident Golden Retriever at a bed & breakfast managed by his Mom and Dad (the author and her husband). This book tells the story of Shelby’s adventures around the Cape.  He goes on a whale watch (appropriately, since Scaglione-Peck is a naturalist with the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch which operates out of Provincetown) where he is mostly impressed by the smell of the whales as they breach the water in front of the boat…

He runs through the sand dunes of Provincetown, meets seals and dolphins, and generally enjoys the natural attractions that the Cape has to offer.  The author uses her expertise in natural history to explain the setting of each of Shelby’s adventures.

Jenny Kelley’s pencil illustrations bring Shelby’s story to life perfectly.  This book, at 74 pages total, would make an ideal gift for a family planning to head to Cape Cod in Summer 2015, or for any family who has enjoyed the Cape either in season or in the off season.

The book is a tribute to Shelby, who lived to the age of 16.  He’s appropriately mentioned in the Acknowledgements section of the book.

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand


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