Ike the dog gets a new set of wheels

Ike in his new wagon (photo courtesy of ABC News)

Ike in his new wagon (photo courtesy of ABC News)

Ike is a 15-year old dog living in California.  He’s been diagnosed with bone cancer and so only has a few months to live.  His owner, Risa Feldman, wanted to give Ike as much quality of life as possible and the traditional hind end harnesses for helping him around weren’t cutting it.

So she went into Home Depot to ask for help and two employees there did even better.  They built Ike (free of charge) a new wagon complete with a little ramp so he can get in and out easily (the back end of the wagon lifts down to form the ramp).

Ike and Risa (photo courtesy of Risa Feldman)

Ike and Risa (photo courtesy of Risa Feldman)

Risa says the wagon will help Ike enjoy their walks along Manhattan Beach for a while yet.  Whilst Risa sits down at a local cafe for a coffee, Ike usually has an order of bacon…

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand

Source:  ABC News


3 responses to “Ike the dog gets a new set of wheels

  1. Heartwarming story and excellent idea! 🙂 I’ll keep something like this in mind for Chase when his legs go on him (hopefully that won’t be for a long long time!).

    • Hopefully, Chase won’t ever have to face hind end lameness. I find it incredibly encouraging to know of the number of owners who are now choosing mobility devices to help their aging dogs.

      • Unfortunately with his leg conditions, it is very likely. He’s doing great right now though! But I am always thinking of the future and all the things I can do to ensure his quality of life is great regardless of his ability to walk! 🙂 I am loving the idea of a comfy cart for him! I love the ingenuity and technology that is out there now to help dogs with mobility problems, it’s amazing!

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