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Shopping At Home Depot With Abby

Home Depot allows dogs. What a great learning and socializing experience. Where else do you go with your dog?


HD1 Abby, “Excuse me. Could someone help us find some tools?”

Moving is always hectic and time consuming and we’ve been busy unpacking, cleaning, buying things for our new place and much more.  Home Depot is one of the places we’ve been going to lately a lot so we take Abby with us to expose her to new people, environment, sounds, etc.

HD2 Abby, “Moms, someone is coming to help us in a minute.”

Abby got to work that day by trying to get someone to come and help us find a few items we needed to buy.  It was Saturday, so everybody was busy trying to help customers.  We had a secret weapon, Abby.  They all wanted to pet her.

HD3 Abby, “Ok moms, tell me what you need so I can grab it for you.”

Abby is a pretty young pup, but I always tell pet parents that regardless of their…

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Ike the dog gets a new set of wheels

Ike in his new wagon (photo courtesy of ABC News)

Ike in his new wagon (photo courtesy of ABC News)

Ike is a 15-year old dog living in California.  He’s been diagnosed with bone cancer and so only has a few months to live.  His owner, Risa Feldman, wanted to give Ike as much quality of life as possible and the traditional hind end harnesses for helping him around weren’t cutting it.

So she went into Home Depot to ask for help and two employees there did even better.  They built Ike (free of charge) a new wagon complete with a little ramp so he can get in and out easily (the back end of the wagon lifts down to form the ramp).

Ike and Risa (photo courtesy of Risa Feldman)

Ike and Risa (photo courtesy of Risa Feldman)

Risa says the wagon will help Ike enjoy their walks along Manhattan Beach for a while yet.  Whilst Risa sits down at a local cafe for a coffee, Ike usually has an order of bacon…

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand

Source:  ABC News