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Animal Strike

Animal StrikeNo postings today.  We’re on strike.  Please sign the petition and help us to stop the testing of party pills on dogs in New Zealand – once and for all!

The Animal Welfare Amendment Bill

New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Amendment Bill is now before a Parliamentary select committee.  Submissions from the public are being accepted from now until 4 October.

Here’s why I’m making a submission:

  1. I want to make a difference for animals and having good animal welfare laws is essential to achieving this
  2. Silence is acquiescence.  Too many New Zealanders do not engage and this allows poor legislation to pass.  MPs like to say that they voted in favor of the ‘silent majority’
  3. The Animal Welfare Amendment Bill is lacking in many areas and now is our chance to improve it

Party animals
The Bill doesn’t ban testing of party bills on animals, nor does it ban the use of animal testing in the cosmetic industry.  As far as animal welfare issues go, these are ‘no brainers.’

I’d also like to see an independent Commissioner for Animals because I don’t think the Ministry of Primary Industries, with its focus on economy and production, can make good choices.

Click here to read the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill

Making a submission online is easy – just click here and follow the instructions for uploading your submission.

Testing on animals for a legal high

Across all major cities in New Zealand this week, people and their dogs marched in protest of the Psychoactive Substances Act.  This Act has come into effect to regulate ‘designer drugs’ or ‘legal highs’ to protect the safety of people who choose to take such drugs.

The Act allows for animal testing ‘when there is no alternative’ because the New Zealand MPs who voted for it refused to ban animal testing altogether.

A billboard by SAFE in Wellington

A billboard by SAFE in Wellington

Many New Zealanders signed a petition to Government to oppose animal testing for something as frivolous as ‘getting high.’  The Ministers of Parliament didn’t heed those views when voting on the new law.  Green MP Mojo Mathers has a members bill proposed to remove animal testing as an option – but there are no guarantees that it will be chosen from the ballot to move through the law-making process.

This isn’t about therapeutic drugs – this is about getting your jollies artificially and wanting assurances that you are safe because the products have been tested on animals.

I live in New Zealand, and I’m pretty saddened by the lack of leadership shown by the New Zealand Government.  What do you think?  Would you buy New Zealand made products or plan a trip here knowing that dogs and other animals may die for the legal high industry?

Not a good look, New Zealand.  For shame!