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Increased protections for animals

Earlier this month, I reviewed Run, Spot, Run by Jessica Pierce.  In that book, Pierce provides a list of incremental changes each of which would offer increased protections to animals.

I quote them here for sharing purposes because they are the most comprehensive list I have found thus far in terms of explaining the shortcomings we still have in animal care,  welfare, and protection.

Chester looking out window

  • licensing requirements for all pet owners
  • laws limiting or prohibiting the sale of live animals
  • laws regulating international and interstate shipping of live animals
  • a federal prohibition on the sale of crush films, in particular, and animal pornography in general
  • state laws making sexual assault of an animal punishable (not limited to sexual assaults that are fatal or cause severe injury)
  • better and more frequent inspections of breeding facilities
  • better and more frequent inspections of animal wholesale facilities
  • greater transparency in the pet industry, such as, perhaps, in identifying the sourcing of animals for sale
  • greater transparency in the shelter industry
  • state laws requiring at least eight hours of training for anyone performing euthanasia
  • free speech protections for those who expose corporate animal abuses
  • reporting requirements for veterinarians (e.g. abuse, sexual assault)
  • combined/coordinated reporting of animal abuse and domestic partner, child or elder abuse
  • a publicly accessible national registry of those convicted of animal cruelty or sexual assault
  • increased (and responsible) media reporting of crimes against animals
  • more community resources (e.g. tax money) dedicated to shelters, animal control facilities, and cruelty investigators
  • state-appointed lawyers to represent animals in court
  • required humane education in schools
  • laws making failure to provide timely veterinary care a legally enforceable welfare violation
  • laws allowing pet owners to collect damages for emotional pain and suffering resulting from the loss of a pet at the hands of another human
  • laws making “convenience euthanasia”an animal cruelty violation
  • greater regulation of the pet food industry, including more rigorous inspection of ingredients, greater transparency about sourcing and ingredients, and a well-coordinated method of alerting customers about recalls

Source:  Run, Spot, Run by Jessica Pierce, pages 211-212

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand

Kabang, the snoutless dog

Kabang wasn’t always snoutless; she was just a family dog in the Philippines.  And then one day in December 2011, she leaped in front of a motorcycle to save the lives of the family’s daughter and niece.

In the process, her snout and upper jaw were ripped off by the motorcycle’s wheel.  With devastating injuries and limited veterinary care locally, a Care for Kabang fundraising campaign  gathered enough funds to get her to California for surgery in late 2012.

Kabang, ready to go home (Photo by UC Davis)

Kabang, ready to go home (Photo by UC Davis)

Once there, doctors discovered that the dog also had a life-threatening cancer and gave her chemotherapy.  The chemotherapy meant  that surgeons had to delay any plans for surgery on her face.  She also had to be treated for heartworm before that surgery could proceed.

In the end, veterinarians couldn’t reconstruct Kabang’s jaw, but they did heal her wounds during her seven-month stay.   Her surgeries included dental work and teeth extractions followed by closing of opened wounds and the restoration of her nasal function.

Earlier this week, Kabang returned home to a hero’s welcome, as noted by this BBC report:

Kabang is now considered an ambassador of ‘dogwill’ to show the power of the unconditional love and devotion our dogs show us each day.  Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat signed Executive Order 503-2013, making Kabang the official symbol of responsible pet ownership and advocacy against animal cruelty.

Her owner, Rudy Bunggal, has been struggling with financial and personal demons associated with alcohol.  He’s now been given a new home by the local government, which will pay for the house to be prepared for their arrival by the end of this month.  The new house is larger, made of concrete, has a stable roof and is located in a more pleasant environment than Rudy’s shanty house behind a petrol station.

A victory for Dogs Against Romney

We’re celebrating the re-election of President Obama tonight.  My thanks to all in the Dogs Against Romney movement who made animal cruelty an issue in the election of the US President.

In honour of this landmark occasion, here’s a montage of some of the photos submitted by supporters during the campaign:

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