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Pet parks at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

In May, I featured an item about the pet relief area at the Maui airport.

Did you know that in 2008, the US Department of Transportation passed a law called the Air Carrier Accessibility Act?  This Act requires airports to have relief facilities available to service dogs.

Many airports have since realised the value of catering to their customers who are traveling with their dogs and opened up these facilities not only to service dogs but all dogs.  One airport that is leading the way is the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  This airport has pet parks at all three of its passenger terminals.  They are:

  • The Bone Yard (Terminal 4)
  • The Paw Pad (Terminal 3)
  • The Pet Patch (Terminal 2)

If you are traveling through Phoenix, remember that the Airport offers these facilities and, if you’re not, here’s a great video of the Airport’s pet parks for you to enjoy: