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The dog meat trade in China

China meat trade photo

Photo courtesy of Animals Asia

Back in June, there was a lot of media attention given to the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China.  This is a festival to mark the summer solstice and traditionally dog meat is on the menu.

However, many people don’t understand that the killing of dogs for meat happens year-round and not just at festival time.  Animals Asia has investigated the trade of dog meat thoroughly.

Their four reports, which I have linked here, are sobering reading.  “At every stage (of a 4-year investigation), investigators found a trade riddled with crime and extreme cruelty, violating existing laws on food safety, while those involved in the industry were highly secretive and suspicious of outside interest in their work.”

This is a trade of organized crime and a total disregard for animal welfare.

The black market for dog and cat meat in China

Lies, illegality and stolen lives report

China’s rural dogs in crisis

Survey of public attitudes to dog and cat eating in China

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand

Petco Removing All Dog and Cat Treats Made in China From Store Shelves

Petco is a major pet store chain in the USA.  It has announced that it is removing all Chinese-made treats from its shelves, after many concerns about pets getting sick from jerky treats made in China.  It looks liked Petsmart is due to follow…

Do you know where your dog’s treats are made?  Are they safe?

Petco Removing All Dog and Cat Treats Made in China From Store Shelves.

Be glad you’re not a dog owner in Jiangmen, China

The City of Jiangmen, China originally banned keeping of all dogs  effective from July 26, 2011.  Nine days later, after public pressure, the ban was lifted but only concerning ownership of dogs.   Dogs are still banned from all public places – which doesn’t bode well for the ongoing socialisation of dogs and puppies in that region, nor the efforts of owners to keep them stimulated and exercised.

This is a sad outcome for dogs and dog owners alike.  City officials say that the move was prompted by escalating rates of dog bites and attacks.  (For example, 4,000 dog-related complaints in the first six months 0f 2011.)

So, be glad you’re not a dog owner in Jiangmen, China.  Or a dog for that matter.

Read more about the ban in this UPI article.

Warning – chicken jerky treats from China

The AVMA and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association have issued a warning about a possible link between consumption of chicken jerky treats made in China and the incidence of kidney problems in dogs. A pattern started to develop in July when dogs in Canada presented with kidney problems resembling Fanconi syndome.

This syndrome is hereditary in some breeds of dogs such as Basenjis resulting in abnormal levels of sodium, glucose, calcium, phosphate and amino acids.  It can be fatal.  The symptoms of the disorder also present when toxins have been ingested.

This is yet another example of needing good supply chain management and ensuring you are buying foods with quality ingredients.  China is a country with a checkered reputation of managing supply chains and quality of ingredients.

In 2007, melamine was found to contaminate a wide range of pet foods resulting in major recalls and many deaths.  In 2008, the melamine contamination problem escalated to humans when the poison was found in milk powder fed to infants.  Many Chinese babies were affected and some died.