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Be glad you’re not a dog owner in Jiangmen, China

The City of Jiangmen, China originally banned keeping of all dogs  effective from July 26, 2011.  Nine days later, after public pressure, the ban was lifted but only concerning ownership of dogs.   Dogs are still banned from all public places – which doesn’t bode well for the ongoing socialisation of dogs and puppies in that region, nor the efforts of owners to keep them stimulated and exercised.

This is a sad outcome for dogs and dog owners alike.  City officials say that the move was prompted by escalating rates of dog bites and attacks.  (For example, 4,000 dog-related complaints in the first six months 0f 2011.)

So, be glad you’re not a dog owner in Jiangmen, China.  Or a dog for that matter.

Read more about the ban in this UPI article.