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Give your dog a hug from us

I love dog people.  I mean – true dog people.  And for that reason, I love doing business with companies that are managed by dog people.

Take D-Fa, for example.  We’re having a very hot summer here in Christchurch and Daisy really needs her cool collar.  Unfortunately, the ice pack insert has lost some of its fluid and is no longer working as well.  I contacted D-Fa and they said they’d send me a replacement pack for only $5.00.

Well, the pack has arrived (Daisy is very happy).  And I’m happy because I got good service from them but also a nice note:

Hope this finds you well.  Sorry you didn’t have these for the screamingly hot day in Christchurch yesterday, but here they are now (hope it doesn’t start to snow as a result).

Thanks and let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Cheers and give your dog a hug from us.

I’ve previously endorsed Cool Collars and recommend them to my clients, particularly those that own elderly dogs.  I’m also a fan of their Float Doggy flotation vests.

Thanks D-Fa…from a satisfied dog person (customer)