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Beefcake (not beef bones) to benefit dogs

Christchurch based animal welfare charity K9 Rescue and Rehoming has paired well-muscled men with dogs available for adoption in their 2014 calendar.

K9 Rescue and Rehoming calendar

Entitled Dogs and Dudes, this fundraising calendar includes photographs of New Zealand actors and other local celebrities who were willing to bare their bodies to support dog adoption.

The best way to organise a purchase is to contact Trisha through the organisation’s Facebook page.  Calendars cost NZ$25

And dog owners get to enjoy a little beefcake all year long, combined with some really beautiful dog photos, too!


I support SPCA Cupcake Day

I love innovative fundraising campaigns that attract attention.   (Plus I’m sick of people who peddle fundraising boxes of chocolates which in my opinion is simply too easy and contributes to the obesity problem.)

So this year, I’m supporting SPCA Cupcake Day.
Cupcake Day PosterInstead of selling human cupcakes, I’m selling doggy cupcakes.  These cakes are tummy friendly with fresh ingredients like banana and apple.  The frosting is low fat cream cheese and the treat on top is one of my Chicken & Parsley Doggy Bites.

I’m having lots of fun taking orders and baking these, plus I feel like I’m supporting a cause I believe in and giving back to my community.

My cupcakes for Cupcake Day are selling for $2 each

My cupcakes for Cupcake Day are selling for $2 each