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Adjusting to the days and the seasons

We’ve had several very hot days this week (which my Northern Hemisphere readers may be jealous of).  For a responsible dog owner, this means being aware of the changes in temperatures and adjusting the care routine accordingly.

Whereas in the winter our early morning walks are something that we often endure with the deep winter darkness and chilling cold, now we get to stroll in moderate temperatures and enjoy sunrises like these:

Sunrise in Christchurch, New Zealand Early morning in Papanui

Of course, it’s also a season when Izzy has to stay home rather than visiting clients because the car is simply too hot for her.  If we needed any further reminder of the dangers, a dog had to be rescued from a car in Dunedin on Thursday.

So my advice is to be aware of your dog’s tolerances for both heat and cold (too many dogs are left outside in harsh winter climates, when they should be cared for with warmth and shelter).  It’s part of being a responsible dog owner.

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand


How hot does it get in a parked car?

Okay, New Zealanders and other Antipodeans – summer is just around the corner and we are already experiencing clear, warm and sunny days.

And every year, sadly, dogs die from heat stress because their owners decided to leave them in a parked car ‘just for a few minutes.’

This video by Dr Ernie Ward illustrates just how quickly the temperature in a car increases in hot weather.   Imagine what is  is like for a dog that can’t open the door and escape the heat!

It is best to leave your dog at home during summer if you have to make any stops and ensure that you use your car’s air conditioner to keep your dog comfortable when driving.

Pay attention to the thermometer that Dr Ward uses.  You can clearly see the temperatures in Celsius on it, although he talks in degrees Fahrenheit