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Paw activated drinking fountain

We’ve had a touch of spring weather this week (which is about to change – and fast – back to winter) and because of the hint of warmth in the air, I’m thinking of what I will plant in the garden this year – and looking at Izzy’s little paddling pool which will need a good scrubbing out before it can be used.

And then I found this video – a paw-activated drinking fountain.  I have been meaning to video Izzy drinking from the fountain at the dog park because it is cute to watch her aim for the flow of water.  I think she would like something like this and it would act as another activity for mental stimulation.

Maybe we can add it to her wish list for Santa?

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand

How hot does it get in a parked car?

Okay, New Zealanders and other Antipodeans – summer is just around the corner and we are already experiencing clear, warm and sunny days.

And every year, sadly, dogs die from heat stress because their owners decided to leave them in a parked car ‘just for a few minutes.’

This video by Dr Ernie Ward illustrates just how quickly the temperature in a car increases in hot weather.   Imagine what is  is like for a dog that can’t open the door and escape the heat!

It is best to leave your dog at home during summer if you have to make any stops and ensure that you use your car’s air conditioner to keep your dog comfortable when driving.

Pay attention to the thermometer that Dr Ward uses.  You can clearly see the temperatures in Celsius on it, although he talks in degrees Fahrenheit

Doggy shot glasses for the hot summer

It’s been a really hot summer here in Christchurch and, as Daisy is a senior dog, I want her to be as comfortable as possible.

In the spring, the folks at Jose Cuervo tequila gave me some molds for freezing water into shot glasses when I bought a bottle of their tequila.  Well, I use them, but I fill the insides with beef stock and then re-freeze…

The result?  Doggy shot glasses filled with frozen stock!  It probably won’t be much of a marketing tool for Jose Cuervo, but Daisy loves them.

These shot glasses of ice are re-frozen after I fill them with beef stock

These shot glasses of ice are re-frozen after I fill them with beef stock

Daisy loves her specially made ice blocks

Daisy loves her specially made ice blocks

Algal bloom warnings commence again for summer season

The first of the this season’s algal bloom warnings has been issued by the Canterbury District Health Board.   Dogs can become very sick and die from exposure to toxic algae (cyanobacteria), so heed this warning about contact with Lake Forsyth, Te Wairewa:

CDHB MediaRelease Toxic Algae Lake Forsyth November 3 2011