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And baby makes four…

Today, new photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with baby Prince George were released.  The family dog, Lupo, also featured.

Royal Family photo with dogsI’d like to salute the royals for proving that the addition of a new baby isn’t a reason for ditching the family dog.  Every day, here in New Zealand, there are ads in Trade Me which read ‘Free to a good home – we have a baby now and don’t have the time…’

Bringing  a dog into the family should be a life commitment, as is bringing a child into the world.    Please be a good example to your children and do not treat the family dog as disposable.  And remember – the dog was there first!

Awaiting the royal baby…

William and KateAs the world awaits the arrival of William and Kate’s baby (which by all accounts is due in days), I’m wondering if there’s anything in this happy event that can help animal welfare.

What if shelters around the world named puppies born on the new Prince or Princess’s birthday after the royal baby?  That way, adoptive owners will be adopting their own royal baby and can take part in the historic event.


Let’s hope that all of the puppies born that day are healthy and able to thrive in loving homes!