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Even a short visit can improve the day

Snowy and Mum

A dog doesn’t have to be a certified therapy dog to brighten someone’s day – it just needs to be well-trained and sociable.

Here is Snowy, a Labradoodle, with my Mum.  Snowy lives next door and makes visits for cuddles and treats (but especially treats).

If you have elderly people in your neighborhood, consider reaching out to them with your well-behaved dog.  A visit by a friendly dog can really brighten the day.

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand



Wordless Wednesday, part 48

Photo courtesy of Karen Eckstein Han

Photo courtesy of Karen Eckstein Han

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Digital dog success for Weta

The Wire-haired Fox Terrier is the big winner in The Adventures of Tintin film.  New Zealand’s Weta Workshop has worked its magic in creating a digital version of Snowy, Tintin’s loyal dog.

Tintin is a young reporter with a nose for news.  He was created by Georges Remi under the pen name of Hergé in 1929, appearing in a series of children’s stories/comic books that particularly appealed to young boys.  Investigating crime and finding the culprits were everyday activities for Tintin and Snowy.

It is great to see another dog take center-stage in the film world this year.  This official movie trailer, courtesy of YouTube, gives you an introduction to Snowy (and Tintin) and the wonderful work of Weta Workshop.