Daisy’s birthday adventures

Today we woke up and went to the largest dog park in Christchurch, The Groynes.  Although the sun was coming up, it was also showering and we saw a lovely rainbow settle over the park:

Rainbow over dog park

Daisy loves being off-lead and able to exhibit her natural dog instincts.  She looks up to keep tabs on me often, but enjoys foraging around:


And tonight Daisy enjoyed a slice of her birthday cake for dessert.  This cake is salmon and rice, with a lowfat cream cheese frosting, doggy choc drops and homemade chicken & parsley doggy treats:

Birthday cake

Happy Birthday, Daisy.  I love you!

2 responses to “Daisy’s birthday adventures

  1. Um…can you send a slice to us here in Auckland? It looks seriously yummy! I might even give my dawgs a bit!

    They say cottage cheese is seriously good for dawgs too. So easy to make.

    • Hi Karen,

      My business, Canine Catering (www.caninecatering.co.nz) ships doggy birthday cakes to Auckland. We send them frozen on an overnight courier; the courier charges are an additional $35 to the price of the cakes. Check us out online!

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