Cleaning your dog’s ears

Bath time in our house is combined with a check of Daisy’s ears and teeth.  It makes sense when she’s already in the tub (and usually, looking pretty miserable)…

Bath time

When I adopted Daisy, she came down with an ear infection with days of arriving (her immune system was depressed – she’d just finished weaning her sole surviving puppy, and she was recovering from a cesarean section).  At that time, I purchased a commercial ear cleaner from the vet.

Since then, however, I’ve refilled the bottle with my own mixture of cider vinegar and water.  It’s easy:  50% vinegar to 50% water.

I never (and I mean never) introduce the liquid into Daisy’s ears.  I apply the solution with a soft wash cloth that is wrapped around my finger to clean around the ear.

This video produced by VetVid is a good explanation of how to clean your dog’s ears.

Do you check your dog’s ears regularly? What ear cleaning solution do you use?

One response to “Cleaning your dog’s ears

  1. We have the same experience, dog came down with ear infection within a week of arriving. We were provided with ear cleaning solution which we still using every other week as our dog seems to be pretty prone to infection in the ears if we slack on it. But she hates having the thing squirted down her ear, so maybe I’ll try just wiping around the inside like shown in the video without squirting it down and hope her ear condition doesn’t worsen!

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