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Cleaning your dog’s ears

Bath time in our house is combined with a check of Daisy’s ears and teeth.  It makes sense when she’s already in the tub (and usually, looking pretty miserable)…

Bath time

When I adopted Daisy, she came down with an ear infection with days of arriving (her immune system was depressed – she’d just finished weaning her sole surviving puppy, and she was recovering from a cesarean section).  At that time, I purchased a commercial ear cleaner from the vet.

Since then, however, I’ve refilled the bottle with my own mixture of cider vinegar and water.  It’s easy:  50% vinegar to 50% water.

I never (and I mean never) introduce the liquid into Daisy’s ears.  I apply the solution with a soft wash cloth that is wrapped around my finger to clean around the ear.

This video produced by VetVid is a good explanation of how to clean your dog’s ears.

Do you check your dog’s ears regularly? What ear cleaning solution do you use?