Guilty dogs

Is it true that dogs can feel and demonstrate guilt?  These videos would seem to show that a dog knows when it has been naughty!


2 responses to “Guilty dogs

  1. I’ve read many studies that show that dogs don’t understand when they have been ‘naughty’, and in actual fact are responding to our tone of voice, facial expression, body stance, behaviour etc. Clever dogs!

    So the dog gives off about a million calming signals to try calm the human down, which is then interpreted as guilt!

    There’s a video somewhere on YouTube of someone who leaves a dog treat on the floor and asks their dog to leave it. She leaves the room and somebody else removes the dog treat. When the owner comes back into the room the dog automatically reacts to her and acts ‘guilty’, even though the dog didn’t eat the treat!

    I wish I could find it!! XD

    • I am inclined to agree with you – dogs pick up very well on human signals. However, I do think because of the dog’s capacity to have emotions, that there are instances when a dog knows they have done wrong. Regardless of reason, I find these videos very entertaining!

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