Last month, I shared images of the inspiration cards that were given to me when I was working and studying at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.

Tonight I share an inspiration of a different kind.

Elesha, who was mum to Kenny who passed away in April 2016, contacted me because she had found these photos on her Instagram page.    She thought I’d like them (I do!).


Kathleen & KennyLooking at these photos, I realise how much time has passed since I worked with Kenny.  My practice has been re-branded from Canine Catering to The Balanced Dog.  I have new shirts with a new logo and even our dog treat labels have changed.  Progress.

But the inspiration is knowing that the work I did with Kenny is still appreciated, and that Elesha stays in touch.

Kenny was a great dog and I’m lucky to have worked with him and his family.


Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand

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