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Working with dogs on live tv

King was the ‘pet of the week’ at a local Miami television station last week as part of a regular feature to help profile animals in need of a forever, adoptive home.

King managed to escape and make an entrance early – during the weather report.  Here’s his live tv debut and notice that the weather forecast was completed in a professional manner…

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand

The Florida sniffing dogs

The state of Florida is employing the use of some special Labradors in their fight for biosecurity.

Bear, Sierra and RJ are trained to follow the scent trails laid down by the invasive Giant African Land Snail.

Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Times

Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Times

The snail is a pest in the Miami area, where officials believe they have contained the spread of the pest.

The snails can grow as big as rats and they eat plants as well as stucco and plaster because they need lots of calcium to grow their shells. In large numbers, the snails have been known to cause extensive structural damage to buildings.  (And there’s lots of stucco in Florida!)

Photo by Andrew Derksen, Florida Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey Program

Photo by Andrew Derksen, Florida Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey Program

The snails can carry a parasite which is a human health risk because it can cause a form of meningitis but no cases have occurred so far in the United States.

The snails were introduced by a Santeria group which is a religion with a Caribbean and West African background.  The group would use the snails in religious ceremonies.

Sea burials for your pet

New England Burials at Sea offers a special service for pet burials at sea along the US coastline from Maine to Miami.

The most common service is for scattering of cremation ash, although the company also offers organic cotton shrouds for full body burials by enquiry.

The company was founded by Brad White, a self-confessed dog lover and owner of Schipperkes who understands that pets are part of the family.

Ceremonies start at $95.0o.  A poem is usually read after the ashes are scattered, followed by flowers or wreaths that are placed on the water.  Owners can email a photo of their pet to Captain Brad before their charter so a photo of their pet is included on the sea burial certificate.   The burial certificate records the date, time, and latitude and longitude (location) where the ashes were scattered.  Many charters are unattended by the pet’s family, but in one case Captain Brad says that over 40 people attended a pet farewell ceremony on his boat.

Read more about the pet burial service here.

A quick Google search shows that there are several other firms offering pet burials at sea.  They are:

San Diego Burial at Sea

Newport Landing Burial at Sea (Los Angeles area)

A Burial at Sea Maritime Funeral Services (Rhode Island)

Amazing Gracie’s Pet Burials at Sea (San Diego area)