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Now Paw-tucket can live up to its name

The city of Pawtucket, Rhode Island had a 10-year old ordinance banning the ownership of pit bulls until earlier this week.  A judge ruled that a 2013 state law banning breed-specific legislation meant that the city’s law was now illegal.

This is a win for the fight against breed specific laws and restrictions.

Pit bull owners in Pawtucket celebrated on Sunday with a parade.  There was also a free dog training class offered afterwards.  A local group, Pit Bulls for PTSD, also participated in the parade.  The group trains pit bulls to become service dogs for autistic children and veterans suffering from PTSD.

Please remember:  punish the deed and not the breed!

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand

Are cats the only ones with 9 lives? I don’t think so.

This is the story of Suzie, believed to be a Bichon Frise/Poodle cross.  Suzie lives in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Earlier this month, Suzie got out and darted across Route 44 in front of a Toyota that was driving about 50 mph.  The driver slammed on his brakes and, not feeling anything  and not seeing the dog, he continued driving assuming he had missed Suzie.

Eleven miles later, he was flagged down by another driver in East Providence, Rhode Island who saw a little white dog wedged up behind the front grill of his car.  He drove immediately to the police and animal control officers helped rescue a wedged Suzie from the front of his car.

Suzie was extremely frightened but had no broken bones.  Her injuries included a broken tooth and a concussion.  She was soon on the mend with pain medication and antibiotics.  Her owners have taken her home and hopefully she won’t have any more close encounters with cars.

Here’s Suzie’s story which appeared on local television:

Canine couture in Newport, Rhode Island

On September 22, Rough Point in Newport, Rhode Island,  hosted its 3rd annual Doggy Fashion Show.

The show was used to highlight autumn fashions for humans and their canine companions.  Proceeds from the event supported the Newport Restoration Foundation’s  education programs and the Potter League for Animals.   Newport pet boutique Wag Nation sponsored the show.

Photo by Meghan Sepe for the Newport Restoration Foundation

Rough Point is one of the homes of Doris Duke, an heiress to a tobacco fortune, philanthropist and art collector.  Located on historic Bellevue Avenue in Newport, Ms Duke ensured that her home would be preserved and opened to the public after her death in 1993.   She founded the Newport Restoration Foundation to preserve not only hers but other mansions in Newport.

Ms Duke was a lover of animals, including dogs.  She had camels at Rough Point every summer and the damage to top edges of the mirrors in her conservatory is lasting evidence of the presence of the animals.  When I last toured Rough Point, the tour guide recalled an exchange between Ms Duke and a housekeeper.  The housekeeper complained about the damage Ms Duke’s dogs were causing to the furniture.  Ms Duke replied

‘They live here, you don’t.’

Mind kind of lady!

Sea burials for your pet

New England Burials at Sea offers a special service for pet burials at sea along the US coastline from Maine to Miami.

The most common service is for scattering of cremation ash, although the company also offers organic cotton shrouds for full body burials by enquiry.

The company was founded by Brad White, a self-confessed dog lover and owner of Schipperkes who understands that pets are part of the family.

Ceremonies start at $95.0o.  A poem is usually read after the ashes are scattered, followed by flowers or wreaths that are placed on the water.  Owners can email a photo of their pet to Captain Brad before their charter so a photo of their pet is included on the sea burial certificate.   The burial certificate records the date, time, and latitude and longitude (location) where the ashes were scattered.  Many charters are unattended by the pet’s family, but in one case Captain Brad says that over 40 people attended a pet farewell ceremony on his boat.

Read more about the pet burial service here.

A quick Google search shows that there are several other firms offering pet burials at sea.  They are:

San Diego Burial at Sea

Newport Landing Burial at Sea (Los Angeles area)

A Burial at Sea Maritime Funeral Services (Rhode Island)

Amazing Gracie’s Pet Burials at Sea (San Diego area)