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DOGTV for the home alone dog

I wish we lived in San Diego, California where DOGTV is currently aired on cable television. There are plans for rolling it out to other cable providers but who knows if it will ever make it to New Zealand?

Since I use relaxation music in my massage practice, I know that dogs respond to certain cadences of music and it makes sense that they are visually stimulated by certain movements and shapes, too.

DOGTV offers special content for a dog’s sense of vision and hearing and aims to support a confident, happy dog, who’s less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety or other related problems.  It seems a must for the home-alone dog, particularly the younger dogs who have energy to spare when you are not able to be home with them.

DOGTV has been recognised by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

If you are not in San Diego, you can subscribe to a streaming online service with prices that start at US$9.99 per month.  Make sure you understand the impact of this on any data caps you have with your internet provider.

Here’s a sample of DOGTV.  Bring your dog over to the screen to watch!

Meet Billy…

The Humane Society of the United States has introduced a new video this holiday season.  This is the story of Billy, a Chihuahua rescued from a puppy mill and Adam, his rescuer and new owner.

After you watch this video, please donate to the HSUS or the animal welfare agency of your choice this holiday season.  Animal rescues are always in need of funds and your donation can make a difference.

Hurricane Sandy animal rescue

Weeks after Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of New York and New Jersey, animal rescue efforts continue.

In the affected areas, shelters were hit hard with damage and loss of power.    And because people are busy trying to recover from the storm, potential adopters just aren’t coming through the doors like they used to.  Through donations to a range of charities such as Best Friends and the Humane Society, animals are being re-located to safer areas of the country for adoption.

Earlier today, for example, 60 cats and dogs were flown to California on a plane donated by Southwest Airlines.  Crew members donated their time and BP donated the fuel.

You can help The Helen Woodward Animal Center by making a donation in support of the Hurricane Sandy refugees.


In other rescue news, the ASPCA has established a new emergency boarding centre in Brooklyn thanks to a $500,000 donation by television personality Rachael Ray.    The boarding facility will help families care for their pets because their homes have been destroyed or badly damaged.


And the Best Friends Animal Society continues to help through grants to a range of animal welfare organisations in the area.  Here’s their latest update:

Thank you for the outpouring of support for rescue groups and shelters in need after the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy. Your generosity has been astounding.

Because of you, Best Friends has—in a very short time– been able to award nearly $50,000 in grants to groups in need throughout the region. Here’s just a sample of some of the organizations we’ve been able to help.

Groups like Liberty Humane in Jersey City NJ were able to get help after the roof of their kennel was blown off! They had no power for eight days, their medicines were destroyed, and despite it, they were working to distribute pet supplies to displaced residents in their area. Thanks to you, we were able to offer financial assistance to help them rebuild.

Groups like Little Guild of St. Francis in Connecticut who took in 88 animals from areas affected by the floods were able to get some relief from those extra costs.

Road Runner Rescue in Upper Fairmount, Maryland had rescued more than 5,000 animals from high kill shelters over the past seven years, when suddenly, all of their medical supplies were wiped out from the storm.

“The supplies we lost were not just for our animals, but we also share them with our local county facilities,” said Sue Nevins, Road Runner’s founder. There are a lot of homeless pets depending on us….Our budget is already very tight and we recently had a costly cat surgery that was stretching our funds. Thank you Best Friends for supporting us in our time of need. We’re all in this together and it’s wonderful to be part of a great effort to save more lives.”

All in all, 14 animal groups and shelters so far have received desperately needed assistance, thanks to your support of Best Friends’ disaster relief. Thank you for pulling together for all of the victims of this storm at a time when it means so much to so many.

We’re continuing to give out grants to organizations affected by the storm, and we’ll keep you posted as shelters and rescue groups continue to rebuild. Your kindness is truly appreciated.

Honey’s story – a rescue from dogfighting

The Humane Society of the United States is a major animal welfare organisation and it does some great work.   In July 2011, Humane Society inspectors entered a property to investigate a dogfighting ring.  There, they rescued Honey.  This YouTube video is her story.  Honey has since been adopted by a veterinary technician who was involved in her care.

Animal welfare charities need your support.  During this holiday season and into 2012, please consider making a monetary donation to the welfare organisation of your choice.  Donations are, in most cases, tax deductible.