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Dogs in costume – some warnings

In the United States, the big holiday of Halloween is approaching.  For this holiday and for others like Christmas and New Year, some dog owners may be tempted to dress up their dog in costume.

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Did you know that there are no safety requirements for dog costumes? Netting, sequins, wire, and elastic which are found on many costumes pose a choking hazard.  If ingested, these items can cause bowel obstructions.  In addition, a dog who runs away for any reason can get caught up in bushes and trees.

The lesson?  If you want to dress up your dog, please ensure you are supervising them at all times!

A dog’s resolutions for the New Year

It is New Year’s Eve and time to make those resolutions for 2011.

Here’s what many dogs are thinking:

1.  Owner on floor, dog in bed.

2.  Stop begging and actually get a seat at the dinner table.

3.  Give up the dream of ever catching my tail.

4.  Bark like a big dog but still get cuddled on lap like a little dog.

5.  Get back at the cat for litter box incident.

6.  Find every bone I ever buried.

7.  No more haircuts!

8.  Become alpha dog in my house. Well, at least stop letting the cat push me around.

9.  Invent goggles that allow me to see the electric fence.

10.  Finally pass my Canine Good Citizen test.

Source:  American Kennel Club

Happy New Year everyone, from Kathleen & Daisy.