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Daisy, this is Louie (and he’s not staying)

Several weeks ago, Daisy and I met a little dog  when we were out for our afternoon walk.   From his tag, I knew his name was Louie.  He was obviously lost and happy to follow us, but also lacked car sense (running across roads without stopping to look for traffic).   So, I encouraged him to come along with us and picked him up when we were approaching streets to cross.

I think together Daisy and I have ‘rescued’ three dogs in the last year who have lost their way from their homes.  In Louie’s case, matching him with his owner was not difficult because Louie’s owner had secured a name tag with her phone number to Louie’s collar (a move which I applaud and endorse).


Now, Daisy is an older girl and she is very congenial to all dogs and humans.  But, she prefers her routine and very young Louie was a little too much for her.  On arrival at home, she went to bed.  I went for the phone to call Louie’s owner who, as it turns out, was out of town.  She’d left Louie with a friend and he’d escaped.  Help was on the way within the next hour or so….

Daisy couldn’t help herself.  She had to come out and see what was happening in her house.  Louie wanted to play; Daisy wasn’t so sure.  Here’s a video of their encounter (latin dance music courtesy of the film that was playing on the tv at the time)…

Louie was picked up by his owner’s flatmate.

Today, my doorbell rang and Anna (owner) was there to thank me.  Louie, a Bichon/Poodle cross, decided to jump out of the car and say hello too, to both Daisy and I.  We were given a bottle of wine for our efforts (Daisy won’t indulge).  All’s well that ends well.

But Daisy is still glad we are a one-dog household…