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2 entertaining dog commercials

These two commercials, for Doritos and Amazon Prime, do a great job in using dogs to sell their products.  They certainly got my attention!

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand

What is it about dogs and car advertising?

The folks at Land Rover are using a black Great Dane in their latest ad for the Range Rover Evoque:

What is it about using dogs in car advertising?  I think it is that most dogs enjoy car travel and being in the company of their family whether it is running the weekly errands or on a family vacation.

What do you think?

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Is the chocolate labrador a Volkswagen fan?

Dogs have been used in advertising for a long time – it’s not a new trend.  Anyone who likes dogs will spot the ads that use a dog and they are more likely to remember the product or service.

Today I spotted this ad on a local website for a car dealership.

Is the Chocolate Labrador a Volkswagen fan?

Miles Continental banner


I love it when dogs are used in advertising. Some ads are better than others. My current favorite is from appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel.

I love the use of black & white and the dog theme. What do you think?

Wilson – the Lotto Dog

The NZ Lotteries Commission has joined the growing ranks of advertisers that use dogs to attract customers.  Its series of Wilson the Dog commercials follows Wilson as he rescues his owner’s ticket during a raging ocean storm with only his doggy life vest to save him.  Wilson then travels the world to deliver the ticket back to  his owner, only to find that the owner has replaced him with a cat!  So, Wilson gives the ticket to a homeless man who was kind to him and a great friendship develops.

In conjunction with the launch of the Wilson campaign, the NZ Lotteries Commission surveyed some of its biggest winners to find out about their ‘pet profiles.’  This survey revealed that 51% of winners owned at least one pet and, of those who owned dogs, 19% of them owned a Labrador.  One winner even reported that their new Labrador puppy arrived on the same day that they won $1.3 million.  Talk about a lucky dog…

Read about the Commission’s survey in its press release.


And thanks to YouTube, here are the Wilson commercials:

The story beginsThe drive-by (a.k.a. “that’ll teach you to replace me with a cat”)To the winner, the spoils

Kathleen Crisley, Fear-Free certified professional and specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand